Panel Meters

These resources examine various types of analog and digital meters, their selection and use in industrial applications.

Panel Meter Overview gives a brief look at the various panel meter types and their capabilities.

Choosing the Right Panel Meter discusses some of the factors to consider when selecting a meter for a particular application.

Advantages of an Analog Meter discusses why analog meters are still preferred over digital meters in some applications.

Digital Bargraph Meters describes how these meters combine the best features of analog and digital meters.

What is a Switchboard Meter? reviews the origin of this terminology and explains why this type is the preferred solution for industrial applications.

Digital Panel Meters for Process Control examines three ways to connect these products for control applications.

What is a Meter Relay? explains how these devices operate and how they are used to control a process or activate an alarm.

Meter Setpoints & Hysteresis defines these two parameters and how they are used to configure a meter’s output relay.

Relay Contact Protection presents methods to extend contact life in relays used to control fans, pumps and other inductive loads.

4-20ma Loop Instrumentation discusses 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire transmitters, various types of receivers, and the power supply needed to operate the loop devices.

Display Resolution is Not Accuracy explains why more resolution on the display does not always provide a more accurate measurement.

Meter Accuracy Explained discusses the format, factors involved, and importance of the meter accuracy specification.

Isolation Issues for Panel Meters explains why isolation of meter inputs and outputs is necessary for proper system operation.

Differences Between LCD & LED Displays describes some of the performance differences between meters with digital displays that use liquid crystal vs light-emitting diode technology.

The Taut-Band Analog Meter reviews the development of the taut-band suspension for analog meters and how it is superior to the pivot-and-jewel mechanism.

Tachometer Measurements discusses panel tachometers, portable tachometers and common speed sensing techniques.

Ground Detection Voltmeter 101 explains how to monitor a floating battery bank for inadvertent grounding.

Using the Table Function in a DPM shows how the table function can customize meter response, increase system accuracy or handle special applications.