Test Equipment

These application notes examine various aspects of electrical testing and portable test equipment.

Insulation Testing: Megohmmeter or Hipot Tester presents the two common methods for performing insulation tests on cables, wiring and electrical equipment.

Meter Accuracy Explained discusses the format, factors involved, and importance of the meter accuracy specification.

Introduction to Process Calibrators reviews the various types of handheld calibrators available for field testing and calibration of industrial process equipment.

Display Resolution is Not Accuracy explains why more resolution on the display does not always provide a more accurate measurement.

Common Mistakes When Using a DMM describes a few problems that can occur when using a DMM, which can lead to bad readings, meter damage or harm to the user.

Practical Guide to Earth Resistance Testing explains why measuring soil resistance is important and discusses the methods and equipment used to perform this test.

Advantages of an Analog Multimeter discusses why the VOM is still useful despite the ready availability of digital multimeters.