Mining & Metals

Extraction, Processing, Refining, Finishing
Mining & metal processing companies have some of the toughest applications for instrumentation. Weschler’s industrial grade products are designed for long life in these conditions.

Mining machines incorporate Weschler switchboard meters and sensors on borers, grinders, conveyors and other equipment. Steel mills employ Weschler instrumentation in foundries, rolling mills and finishing lines. Analog switchboard meters and digital panel meters are often found on furnace controls, DC power converters, monitoring panels and crane controls. We also provide sensors & transducers that feed process information to remote monitors and data networks.

Aluminum potlines are electrically noisy environments with high fault currents and large voltage transients. Hardened digital bargraph meters provide a local readout for operators at each step of this process while simultaneously sending data to the automated control system.

Instrumentation for Metal Processing