Industrial Manufacturing

Molding, Plating, Welding, Processing and Testing
Industrial companies use Weschler meters, sensors and test equipment to monitor, control and support their operations. Large HVAC systems often use analog meters to display system voltages and currents while digital meters are preferred to monitor electrical power and energy consumption. Analog and digital panel meters are also used in backup/standby power systems.

Electroplating and welding operations both require high current levels. Weschler meters in combination with DC shunts or AC current transformers are popular in these applications.

Weighing, counting, sorting and filling operations benefit from the smart capabilities built into Weschler digital and bargraph meters. Weschler smart meters and controllers are also useful in processes, such as plastic molding, that require precise temperature control.

Boiler control is another application where Weschler digital bargraph meters are a convenient readout and control solution.

Weschler’s extensive line of sensors and signal conditioners measure temperature, pressure, flow, speed, level, position, humidity, vibration and other process variables. These can be used with a meter or fed directly into a SCADA system.