Marine & Military

Military & Commercial Ships
U.S. Navy and Coast Guard vessels rely on Weschler indicators to monitor critical shipboard functions. Digital bargraph meters are used on aircraft carriers as engine room indicators, flying bridge controls, power system monitors and bridge indicators. Rugged, EMI hardened Bowmar Bargraphs are used on nuclear submarines for readout of rudder position, screw speed, depth, dive pitch, ballast tank level, bearing temperature, fuel status and other parameters.

Commercial vessels also utilize Weschler analog & digital instrumentation for ship operations and ancillary systems. Cable laying ships use high shock digital meters to readout tension, pressure and speed when placing or repairing undersea communication and power cables. Weschler meters on dredging barges monitor suction/pressure lines and positioning thrusters. Tugboats employ Weschler indicators to display engine power, screw speed, thruster position and other ship functions.

Instrumentation for Marine Applications