Transformer Monitoring

These resources focus on temperature monitoring and control for oil-filled transmission and distribution transformers.

Managing Transformer Temperatures with An Intelligent Transformer Monitor describes how these products can extend transformer life and improve system reliability while allowing higher loading.

Load Tap Changer Operation and Monitoring discusses the function of the LTC, how it switches high currents, and how  temperature monitoring can prevent outages.

LTC Temperature Monitoring explains the reasons for LTC monitoring and how to utilize this capability in the Transformer Advantage family.

Configuring Alarms & Relays in the Enhanced Transformer Advantage describes the setup for various cooling control and alarm features. Applies to units with AMT200 or higher firmware.

Relay Contact Protection presents methods to extend contact life in relays used to control fans, pumps and other inductive loads.

Transformer Loss of Life discusses the thermal method for tracking the aging of oil-filled transformers.