Land Transportation

Rail, Light Rail, Buses, Trucks & Support Equipment
Commercial transportation is a target industry for Weschler products. Diesel electric locomotives use analog meters and digital meters to monitor generator and motor condition, as well as the status of other on-board systems. We manufacture special illuminated and ruggedized meters to display vehicle speed in the cab.

Buses and heavy duty trucks benefit from the ruggedness and reliability of Weschler indicators. Our gauges provide accurate readout of vehicle speed, motor RPM, engine temperature, fuel level, hydraulic pressure and other parameters. Many models can be interfaced to onboard data loggers and telemetry systems.

Emergency vehicles incorporate a combination of digital and analog meters – in fire engine pumper controls, ambulance monitor panel and other vehicle sub-systems.

Weschler products are used in the construction and maintenance of roadways and rail lines. Asphalt paving machines track temperatures and feed rates with Weschler digital instrumentation. Concrete batch plants monitor and control mixing operations with our analog & digital meters. Meters and transducers are used to monitor motor currents on heavy off-road construction equipment.

Locomotive & Transit Meters