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Meter Modification HeaderWeschler Instruments maintains a full-capability Meter Modification Center for your special meter requirements. We carry an extensive inventory of parts to quickly perform both analog meter modifications and digital meter modifications. Typical analog modifications include special ranges, special resistances and special sensitivities. We can create a custom dial for your application with company logo, color zones, special legends, dual scales and other unique markings. Typical digital modifications include scaling the input, installing setpoint relays and adding digital communications.

Panel Meter

The Meter Modification Center can also assemble instruments into a panel, rack or enclosure. This simplifies installation of one instrument or a large instrument cluster. Products from several manufacturers can be utilized to meet the application requirements. Ancillary controls, indicators, signal conditioners and outputs can be added as needed.

Logo Jet UV Printer

Mod Center services are available for Weschler meters and our distributor lines, including Crompton, Hoyt, LFE, Laurel Electronics, Modutec, Simpson, and Yokogawa. We also repair meters and instruments from these manufacturers.

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