Electric Power

Generation, Transmission & Distribution for Coal, Gas, Oil, Nuclear, Hydro, Wind, Solar & Geothermal Facilities
Weschler Instruments supplies products in all major segments of the Electric Power industry. Our Westinghouse design analog meters have been the standard in fossil fuel and nuclear control rooms for decades. We continue to provide these meters for maintenance & upgrade projects. The modern Digital Bargraph products, which combine a visual trend indication with a precise digital readout and network connectivity, are now popular in these plants as well as newer renewable energy facilities.

Typical applications for Weschler products are in control rooms, generator panels, backup system controls and automation networks. We offer a wide variety of meters, sensors, transducers, signal conditioners and testers. We also manufacture specialized meters for nuclear power plants, hydro plants and meters for control room simulators. Weschler has the ability to provide all major brands of analog panel instruments and digital panel meters, so we can be your single source for meters and measuring products.

The Weschler Transformer Advantage is an intelligent electronic monitor that protects large GSU and substation transformers. It is used by utility and large industrial customers worldwide.

Utility & Industrial Power Instrumentation