weschler product documentation

These popular manuals are available for download. Call for documentation on other Weschler models.

Weschler Tricolor Bargraph Meters
BG Tricolor Owners Manual V3-5

Weschler Bargraph Meters (single color)
BG Owners Manual
BG Enhanced Addendum
ACP4 Bargraph Power Meter Manual

Weschler Transformer Advantage
The following documents apply to enhanced Transformer Advantage units, which have an E or L in the third digit of the part number:

    For firmware AMT202:
Owners_Manual AMT202  Installation & Front Panel Setup
Software_Manual_AMT202  Windows Setup, Monitoring & Data Download
Modbus_Protocol_AMT202 (supplement to Protocol Manual AMT201)
Installation Instructions SC/DC/CT/CTX AMT202
Installation Instructions TC/CTLTC AMT202

    For firmware AMT201:
Owners Manual AMT201 Installation & Front Panel Setup
Software Manual AMT201 Windows Setup, Monitoring & Data Download
Protocol Manual AMT201 ASCII, DNP3 & Modbus
Installation Instructions SC/DC/CT/CTX AMT201
Installation Instructions TC/CTLTC AMT201

The following Transformer Advantage manuals apply to standard (regular) units, which have an R in the third digit of the part number.

    Transformer AdvantageII SC, DC & TC
Owners Manual SC/DC/TC
Software Manual SC/DC/TC
Protocol Manual SC/DC/TC ASCII & DNP3

    Transformer AdvantageII CT
Owners Manual CT
Software manual CT
Protocol Manual CT ASCII & DNP3

Transformer Advantage Software
This software supports all 7 models. Includes modules for Configuration, Monitoring, Calibration, Logged Data Extraction & Firmware Updating.  Works with both the Enhanced and standard versions of the AdvantageII.  Compatible with Win98, XP, Vista, & Win7-10. (Note Special XP instructions for installing on XP computers).

AMT202 revE  (10M zip file)

Use the AMT202 Software Manual with this software on Advantage units running AMT202 firmware. For Advantage units running older firmware, use the corresponding version of the software manual to see exact screens and instructions (e.g. AMT201 Software Manual for Advantages with AMT201 firmware).

For software to support first generation Transformer Advantage units (these generally shipped prior to 2005), see the Transformer Advantage Archives.  This page is password protected.  Please contact Weschler’s Technical Support team for assistance and to obtain the password.

We are continuously improving and enhancing our product lines. Although the information here is current, please contact us before designing a new installation.