Oil & Gas

Drilling, Extracting, Pumping, Refining
Weschler products meet the demands of the oil & gas industry for rugged and reliable instrumentation. Our unique digital bargraph meters provide operator indication and computer network connectivity. In addition to pressure, flow, temperature, power and other routine measurements, Weschler meters perform specialized functions such as weight-on-bit readout. These meters are configured with high shock internal construction, spray tight housings, sunlight readable displays and an extended operating temperature to meet the severe duty requirements. On off-shore drilling platforms, Weschler products are used in active leveling systems and thruster control panels.

In pumping and pipeline facilities, our analog & digital indicators monitor pressure, flow, tank level, power and other process parameters. Additional applications can be addressed with our extensive catalog of transducers, signal conditioners, dataloggers, calibrators and test equipment.

Weschler supplies indicators and smart sensors for use throughout a refinery to monitor and control production. We also make a specialized instrument to measure octane.