Signal Conditioning & Sensors

These resources cover sensors for physical and electrical measurements. Also presented in this category are resources for signal conditioners that convert or transmit signals for measurement by panel meters and other instrumentation.

Types of Flow Sensors describes the sensing methods used by many electronic flow sensors to infer flow rate.

Which Sensor Output is Best? discusses the factors to consider when using either the DC voltage or DC current output of a sensor.

Using DC Current Shunts reviews the selection and installation of shunts to measure high DC currents. Their use with ac and dc meters is also covered.

Guide to Temperature Measurement Sensors describes sensors that convert temperature into an electrical signal that can be read by electronic instrumentation.

Ground Fault Sensing for Industrial Applications discusses methods for protecting operators and equipment from ground fault currents.

Tachometer Measurements discusses panel tachometers, portable tachometers and common speed sensing techniques.