Application Assistance

Meter ModWeschler is eager to assist users in the selection, configuration, installation and operation of new instrumentation. This website includes various tools to aid users in determining the appropriate product to order. Our Sales & Application team is available to offer additional assistance. We can help you choose the right analog meter, digital meter, transducer, sensor or other products from the various brands we carry.

Many products we sell offer a variety of features and options. Determining the exact combination for a particular application may be difficult for someone not familiar with the product or its use. Once a basic product is selected, the Weschler team can provide guidance to specify the appropriate part number for that model.

Other areas where we offer application assistance include:
– How to accurately and safely monitor an electrical signal
– Transducer selection to monitor physical parameters (temperature, level, pressure, speed)
– Guidance on sizing & selecting current transformers, voltage transformers and shunts
– Power monitoring & analysis for commercial, industrial, and utility customers
– Revenue grade sub-metering for commercial customers such as malls, apartments, marinas, etc.
– Motor load monitoring and protection (digital controllers, analog meter relays, etc)
– Process controls and alarms (choosing the right signal conditioners/controllers)

Major vendors have discontinued product lines or exited the meter business completely in the last 15 years. Another situation where our decades of meter experience are beneficial – finding suitable replacements for obsolete or hard to find products.

Custom Solutions to Suit Your Needs

Whether your application is best served by a Weschler product or one of the many products we distribute, our experienced Sales & Application team will be happy to work with you to solve your measurement & control needs. With our extensive product catalog, we can provide the product or combination of products to best fill your application.