Instrumentation for Metal Processing & Plating

Metal Processing• Industrial grade meters, sensors & testers
• Measure voltage, current, temperature, pressure, position, rate, energy, & other process parameters
• Use stand-alone or connected to a computer network
• Large sizes & high brightness versions for easy viewing
• Configuration and application assistance
• Meter integration, calibration and repair services
• Large inventory, including panel meters, sensors, transducers, signal conditioners, controllers and process calibrators

Industry users such as mines, steel mills, aluminum smelters, rolling mills, platers, extruders and welders benefit from the ruggedness and reliability of Weschler’s industrial grade instrumentation. Our wide selection of digital and analog panel meters provide readout of critical process values. We carry a variety of styles, sizes and price ranges to accommodate your application requirements. 1/32 DIN meters and controllers fit tight space constraints. Large process indicators provide clear readouts from a distance. High brightness versions are useful outdoors. Sealed models withstand harsh environments. Digital meters provide 3 to 8 digit resolution and accuracies to 0.01%. Typical options include relay and analog outputs. Many models can also interface to a SCADA system for remote control and data collection. Analog meters are particularly useful in welding and other applications with high electrical noise. They are immune to the EMI that can affect digital instruments. The analog dial also allows quick visual averaging of an erratic signal, while showing the magnitude of the variation.

Our extensive line of sensors and signal conditioners can be used with a meter or, for smart sensors, connected directly to a computer.

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