Analog Panel Meter

Combining the Best of Analog & Digital Instrumentation

Measurements of process parameters have historically been accomplished by the analog panel meter (APM). Since 1819, when Oersted proved the existence of current in a wire by using a compass needle positioned next to a conductor, APMs have been the main indicator for all kinds of monitoring. (more…)

Weschler to Exhibit at Powergen 2019

Visit the Weschler Instruments booth at Powergen 2019 to see meters and instrumentation optimized for power generation applications. Featured products include the Weschler Digital Bargraph Meters, PSP Power Meters and the Transformer Advantage transformer monitors.


New Website Provides Enhanced User Experience

A new Weschler Instruments website has launched with enhanced functionality to support users of meters, sensors and test equipment. New features include a simplified layout so visitors can more quickly locate relevant information and products. Selector tools in major categories help identify the best product for an application across multiple manufacturers.