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analog meters, digital meters, transducers, signal conditioners, data loggers and test instrumentation
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Analog Meters
  • Rugged Westinghouse Designs - Made in USA
  • Switchboard and Panel Styles
  • High Accuracy, Full View Construction
  • High Overload Capacity
  • Taut Band Suspension
  • Meets ANSI STD C39.1
  • Military and Nuclear Versions
  • Volts, Amps, Watts, VARS, Speed, Frequency and Power Factor
  • Left, Center or Suppressed Zero
  • Special Scales, Calibration & Phase Shifters Available

Product types include K241, K261, K252 switchboard meters;  20/20, Conventional, Airpax & Parker Airpax panel meters; KS-241 Synchrotie meters. 

High shock switchboard units are available for military and severe commercial applications. 



K241, K261


KA-241, KA-261, KC-241, KI-241, KI-261, KJ-241, KJ-261, KP-241, KP-261, KR-241, KV-241, KV-261, KX-241, KX-261, KR2-241, KR3-241, KR3-261, KR4-241

V252, H252


HC-252,  HX-252, VC-252, VX-252, HR3-252, VR3-252

Nuclear Qualified

KX-241, HX-252, VX-252



GA-332, GA-352, GA-372, GA-382, GC-332, GC-352, GC-372, GC-382, GX-332, GX-352, GX-372, GX-382



NA-351, NA-371, NC-351, NC-371, NT-351, NT-371, NX-351, NX-371, RA-351, RA-371, RC-351, RC-371, RT-351, RT-371, RX-351, RX-371



GH-332, GH-352, BH-351

  For available Part Numbers, see Style Listings in Analog Resources box (above), or download the

   Complete Weschler Analog Instrument Catalog (4M pdf)

Switchboard Instruments:

 250 Degree Scale Switchboard Meter – Weschler Instruments
K241, K261 250º Scale

Edgewise Switchboard Meter – Weschler Instruments 
V252, H252, 6" Edgewise

Wattmeter Switchboard Meter – Weschler Instruments 
Wattmeter Data

Synchroscope Switchboard Meter – Weschler Instruments 


Nuclear Qualified



 Synchrotie Switchboard Meter – Weschler Instruments


Panel Instruments:

20/20 Panel Meter – Weschler Instruments


 Conventional Panel Meter – Weschler Instruments

Elapsed Time Panel Meter – Weschler Instruments 

Elapsed Time

Parker / Airpax Panel Meter – Weschler Instruments


Parker / Airpax
(Call for info)

KA241, KA261, KC241, KI241, KI261, KJ241, KJ261, KP241, KP261, KR241, KV241, KV261, KX241, KX261, KR2241, KR3231, KR3241, KR3261, KR4241, KS241, KA251, KC251, KI25, KI251, KJ251, KP251, KX251, KY251, UA251, UC251, UI25, UI251, UJ251, UX251, UY251, KR3251, UR3251, HC252, HX252, VC252, VX252, HR3252, VR3252, KA221, KC221, KJ221, KP221, KX221, KR3221, EA251, EX251, GA332, GA352, GA372, GA382, GC332, GC352, GC372, GC382, GX332, GX352, GX372, GX382, NA351, NA371, NC351, NC371, NT351, NT371, NX351, NX371, RA351, RA371, RC351, RC371, RT351, RT371, RX351, RX371, GH332, GH352, BH351