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Weschler Edgewise Switchboard Meters – Horizontal


The HX-252, HC-252 & HR3-252 edgewise instruments were designed specifically for the nuclear power industry. Their ruggedness and reliability make them an excellent choice for any control panel. They are used for direct measurement of standard electrical quantities, or in combination with transducers for measuring any other electrical or mechanical quantity that can be converted into a proportional electrical quantity.

The H252 Meters exceed the requirements for the 2% class specified in ANSI C39.1, and may be calibrated to 1% initial accuracy. They meet the flammability requirements of IEEE Standard 420-1973 and they have passed the seismic qualification tests under IEEE Standard 344-1987. Transducer-type frequency meters, varmeter, wattmeters and power factor meters are available

Weschler Edgewise Switchboard Meter Specs

HX252 & HC252 modifications available on request: white on black dial, dual scale, special colors, illumination, special calibration and custom ranges.

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Item # Model Type Rating Standard Scale
714B611A10HX-2521 Phase Watts - 2 Element, 3 Wire120V, 5ASpecify
644B650A10HX-252DC Microammeter0-50 uA0-50 DC Microamperes
714B611A11HX-2523 Phase Watts - 2 1/2 Element, 4 Wire120V, 5ASpecify
644B650A11HX-252DC Microammeter0-100 uA0-100 DC Microamperes
644B650A12HX-252DC Microammeter0-200 uA0-200 DC Microamperes
644B650A13HX-252DC Microammeter0-500 uA0-500 DC Microamperes
606B432A09HX-252DC Milliammeter0-1 mA0-1 DC Milliamperes
606B432A10HX-252DC Milliammeter0-2 mA0-2 DC Milliamperes
606B432A11HX-252DC Milliammeter0-3 mA0-3 DC Milliamperes
606B432A12HX-252DC Milliammeter0-5 mA0-5 DC Milliamperes
606B432A14HX-252DC Milliammeter0-10 mA0-10 DC Milliamperes
606B432A16HX-252DC Milliammeter0-20 mA0-20 DC Milliamperes
606B432A18HX-252DC Milliammeter0-50 mA0-50 DC Milliamperes
606B432A21HX-252DC Milliammeter0-200 mA0-200 DC Milliamperes
606B432A24HX-252DC Milliammeter0-500 mA0-500 DC Milliamperes
606B425A10HX-252DC Ammeter0-2 A0-2 DC Amperes
606B425A11HX-252DC Ammeter0-5 A0-5 DC Amperes
606B425A15HX-252DC Ammeter0-15 A0-15 DC Amperes
606B425A13HX-252DC Ammeter0-20 A0-20 DC Amperes
606B624A14HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-50 mV0-10 DC Amperes
606B624A15HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-50 mV0-15 DC Amperes
606B624A16HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-50 mV0-25 DC Amperes
606B624A17HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-50 mV0-50 DC Amperes
606B624A18HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-50 mV0-75 DC Amperes
606B624A19HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-50 mV0-100 DC Amperes
606B624A20HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-50 mV0-150 DC Amperes
606B624A21HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-50 mV0-200 DC Amperes
606B624A22HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-50 mV0-250 DC Amperes
606B624A23HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-50 mV0-300 DC Amperes
606B624A24HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-50 mV0-400 DC Amperes
606B624A25HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-50 mV0-500 DC Amperes
606B624A26HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-50 mV0-600 DC Amperes
606B624A28HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-50 mV0-1000 DC Amperes
606B624A29HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-50 mV0-1500 DC Amperes
606B624A33HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-50 mV0-4000 DC Amperes
606B624A38HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-50 mVSpecify
606B624A39HX-252DC Ammeter - Shunt Rated0-100 mVSpecify
606B624A09HX-252DC Millivoltmeter - Self-Contained0-50 mV0-50 DC Millivolts
606B624A10HX-252DC Millivoltmeter - Self-Contained0-100 mV0-100 DC Millivolts
606B624A11HX-252DC Millivoltmeter - Self-Contained0-200 mV0-200 DC Millivolts
606B624A12HX-252DC Millivoltmeter - Self-Contained0-500 mV0-500 DC Millivolts
606B454A22HX-252DC Volts0-1 V0-1 DC Volts
606B454A09HX-252DC Volts0-2 V0-2 DC Volts
606B454A10HX-252DC Volts0-5 V0-5 DC Volts
606B454A11HX-252DC Volts0-8 V0-8 DC Volts
606B454A12HX-252DC Volts0-10 V0-10 DC Volts
606B454A13HX-252DC Volts0-15 V0-15 DC Volts
606B454A14HX-252DC Volts0-30 V0-30 DC Volts
606B454A16HX-252DC Volts0-80 V0-80 DC Volts
606B454A17HX-252DC Volts0-100 V0-100 DC Volts
606B454A18HX-252DC Volts0-150 V0-150 DC Volts
606B454A19HX-252DC Volts0-300 V0-300 DC Volts
606B454A20HX-252DC Volts0-600 V0-600 DC Volts
606B454A23HX-252DC Volts0-800 V0-800 DC Volts
644B654A09HC-252AC Milliammeter0-10 mA10 AC Milliamperes
644B654A12HC-252AC Milliammeter100 mA100 AC Milliamperes
644B654A14HC-252AC Milliammeter500 mA500 AC Milliamperes
644B015A12HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-25 AC Amperes
644B015A14HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-40 AC Amperes
644B015A15HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-50 AC Amperes
644B015A16HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-75 AC Amperes
644B015A17HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-100 AC Amperes
644B015A18HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-150 AC Amperes
644B015A19HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-200 AC Amperes
644B015A20HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-300 AC Amperes
644B015A21HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-400 AC Amperes
644B015A22HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-500 AC Amperes
644B015A23HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-600 AC Amperes
644B015A24HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-800 AC Amperes
644B015A25HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-1000 AC Amperes
644B015A26HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-1200 AC Amperes
644B015A27HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-1500 AC Amperes
644B015A28HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-2000 AC Amperes
644B015A29HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-2500 AC Amperes
644B015A30HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-3000 AC Amperes
644B015A31HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-4000 AC Amperes
644B015A32HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 A0-5000 AC Amperes
644B015A08HC-252AC Amperes Transformer-Rated5 ASpecify
606B458A11HC-252AC Amperes Self-Contained5 A0-5 AC Amperes
606B458A16HC-252AC Amperes Self-Contained8 A0-8 AC Amperes
606B458A12HC-252AC Amperes Self-Contained10 A0-10 AC Amperes
606B458A17HC-252AC Amperes Self-Contained15 A0-15 AC Amperes
606B458A13HC-252AC Amperes Self-Contained20 A0-20 AC Amperes
606B619A09HC-252AC Volts Self-Contained0-150 V0-150 AC Volts
606B619A10HC-252AC Volts Self-Contained0-300 V0-300 AC Volts
606B619A11HC-252AC Volts Self-Contained0-600 V0-600 AC Volts
644B019A10HC-252AC Volts Transformer-Rated0-150 V0-600 AC Volts
644B019A11HC-252AC Volts Transformer-Rated0-150 V0-3000 AC Volts
644B019A14HC-252AC Volts Transformer-Rated0-150 V0-9000 AC Volts
644B019A12HC-252AC Volts Transformer-Rated0-150 V0-5.25 AC Kilovolts
644B019A16HC-252AC Volts Transformer-Rated0-150 V0-18 AC Kilovolts
670B122A13HC-252Expanded Scale (Zener), Self-Contained90-130 V90-130 AC Volts
670B122A10HC-252Expanded Scale (Zener), Self-Contained100-140 V100-140 AC Volts
670B122A09HC-252Expanded Scale (Zener), Self-Contained110-130 V110-130 AC Volts
670B409A15HR3-252Frequency Meter, Self-Contained120 V59-61 Hertz
670B409A14HR3-252Frequency Meter, Self-Contained120 V58-62 Hertz
670B409A13HR3-252Frequency Meter, Self-Contained120 V55-65 Hertz
670B409A12HR3-252Frequency Meter, Self-Contained120 V50-70 Hertz
670B409A09HR3-252Frequency Meter, Self-Contained120 V45-55 Hertz
670B409A11HR3-252Frequency Meter, Self-Contained120 V45-65 Hertz
670B409A16HR3-252Frequency Meter, Self-Contained120 V350-450 Hertz
671B379A25HX-252Power Factor, 3 Phase, 3 Wire, 60 Hz120V, 5A.5-1-.5 (Lag - Lead) Power Factor
714B611A09HX-252Single Phase Watts - 1 Element120V, 5ASpecify
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