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AC Current Analog Switchboard Meters – Weschler


Weschler 4½” (KA-241, KC-241) & 8¾” (KA-261, KC-261) instruments are designed to achieve the ultimate in reliability and performance. These instruments are recommended for use on electric utility switchboards and industrial process control panels. Commercial instruments comply with ANSI Standard C39.1 for 1% class switchboard instruments. The Hi-Shock versions were developed to meet the special needs of U.S. Navy shipboard applications. They are also suitable for commercial, marine and industrial applications subjected to humid conditions or severe mechanical shocks.

  • High accuracy, full-view design
  • Volts, amps, watts, vars, speed, frequency and power factor
  • High overload capacity
  • Ruggedized (High Shock) versions
  • Ultimate in reliability and performance
  • Special scales and calibration
  • Formerly Westinghouse brand
AC Current Analog Switchboard Meter Specs

Modifications are available on request for KA241, KC241, KA261, KC261: white on a black dial, dual scale, special colors, illumination, special calibration and custom ranges.

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Item # Model Type Rating Scale Case Size
714B468A10KC-241AC Amperes, Rectifier, Self-Contained5 A0-5 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
714B468A11KC-241AC Amperes, Rectifier, Self-Contained2.5 A0-2.5 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
714B468A12KC-241AC Amperes, Rectifier, Self-Contained7.5 A0-7.5 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
714B468A13KC-241AC Amperes, Rectifier, Self-Contained10 A0-10 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
714B320A37KC-261AC Amperes, Rectifier, Self-Contained5 A0-5 AC Amperes8 3/4 in
714B320A38KC-261AC Amperes, Rectifier, Self-Contained100mA to 17ASpecify8 3/4 in
714B468A09KC-241AC Amperes, Rectifier, Self-Contained100mA to 17ASpecify4 1/2 in
714B320A30KC-261AC Milliammeter, Rectifier2 mA0-2 AC Milliamperes8 3/4 in
714B320A29KC-261AC Milliammeter, Rectifier1 mA0-1 AC Milliamperes8 3/4 in
714B316A10KC-241AC Milliammeter, Rectifier2 mA0-2 AC Milliamperes4 1/2 in
671B886A10KC-241AC Amperes, Rectifier, High Shock5 A0-5 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
714B316A09KC-241AC Milliammeter, Rectifier1 mA0-1 AC Milliamperes4 1/2 in
671B423A10KC-241AC Milliammeter, Rectifier, High Shock2 mA0-2 AC Milliamperes4 1/2 in
671B423A09KC-241AC Milliammeter, Rectifier, High Shock1 mA0-1 AC Milliamperes4 1/2 in
291B460A29KA-241AC Milliammeter10 mA0-10 AC Milliamperes4 1/2 in
291B460A32KA-241AC Milliammeter100 mA100 AC Milliamperes4 1/2 in
291B460A34KA-241AC Milliammeter500 mA500 AC Milliamperes4 1/2 in
291B461A12KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-25 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A14KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-40 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A15KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-50 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A16KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-60 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A17KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-75 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A19KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-100 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A20KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-150 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A21KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-200 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A23KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-300 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A24KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-400 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A25KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-500 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A26KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-600 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A27KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-800 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A28KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-1000 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A29KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-1200 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A30KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-1500 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A36KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-1600 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A31KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-2000 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
292B461A32KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-2500 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A33KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-3000 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A34KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-4000 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B461A35KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 A0-5000 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B460A26KA-241AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 ASpecify4 1/2 in
291B460A19KA-241AC Amperes, Self-Contained2 A0-2 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B460A20KA-241AC Amperes, Self-Contained3 A0-3 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B460A21KA-241AC Amperes, Self-Contained5 A0-5 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B460A22KA-241AC Amperes, Self-Contained8 A0-8 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B460A23KA-241AC Amperes, Self-Contained10 A0-10 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B460A24KA-241AC Amperes, Self-Contained15 A0-15 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
291B460A25KA-241AC Amperes, Self-Contained20 A0-20 AC Amperes4 1/2 in
292B642A29KA-261AC Milliammeter10 mA10 AC Milliamperes8 3/4 in
292B642A32KA-261AC Milliammeter100 mA100 AC Milliamperes8 3/4 in
292B642A34KA-261AC Milliammeter500 mA500 AC Milliamperes8 3/4 in
292B642A26KA-261AC Amperes, Transformer-Rated5 ASpecify8 3/4 in
292B462A19KA-261AC Amperes, Self-Contained2 A0-2 AC Amperes8 3/4 in
292B462A20KA-261AC Amperes, Self-Contained3 A0-3 AC Amperes8 3/4 in
292B642A21KA-261AC Amperes, Self-Contained5 A0-5 AC Amperes8 3/4 in
292B642A22KA-261AC Amperes, Self-Contained8 A0-8 AC Amperes8 3/4 in
292B642A23KA-261AC Amperes, Self-Contained10 A0-10 AC Amperes8 3/4 in
292B642A24KA-261AC Amperes, Self-Contained15 A0-15 AC Amperes8 3/4 in
292B642A25KA-261AC Amperes, Self-Contained20 A0-20 AC Amperes8 3/4 in
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