Weschler Elapsed Time Meters


Weschler GH-332, GH-352 & BH-351 elapsed time meters indicate the total time that a particular circuit is energized. They are used for maintenance scheduling of electrical equipment (including diesel generators, motors, welders, and radio and television transmitters) and tube replacement programs. Each consists of synchronous motor and cyclometer type register. When energized by the circuit being monitored, the motor drives the register (which has six digit wheels) to indicate up to 99,999.9 hours or minutes as a highly visible numerical strip across the center of the dial. The meters are housed in an attractive molded case with brushed aluminum front. They are available with or without reset knob.  Non-reset models are weather resistant.

Type GH352 and BH351 are 3½ inch meters.  Type GH332 house the same mechanism in a smaller 2½ inch footprint.

Insulation Rating:
2000V rms @ 60Hz for 1 minute.
0-99,999.9 hours or minutes.
Four screws
Net Weight:
1 pound.
Shipping Weight:
2 pounds.

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Item # Model Elapsed Time Type Rating Size
671B375A09GH-332Total HoursNon-Reset120V, 60Hz2-1/2"
671B376A26GH-352Total HoursReset240V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B375A10GH-332Total HoursNon-Reset240V, 60Hz2-1/2"
671B376A27GH-352Total HoursReset480V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B375A11GH-332Total HoursNon-Reset480V, 60Hz2-1/2"
671B376A28GH-352Total HoursReset120V, 50Hz3-1/2"
671B375A12GH-332Total HoursNon-Reset120V, 50Hz2-1/2"
671B376A29GH-352Total MinutesReset120V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B375A13GH-332Total MinutesNon-Reset120V, 60Hz2-1/2"
671B376A30GH-352Total MinutesReset240V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B375A14GH-332Total MinutesNon-Reset240V, 60Hz2-1/2"
291B474A09BH-351Total HoursNon-Reset120V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B375A25GH-332Total HoursReset120V, 60Hz2-1/2"
291B474A10BH-351Total HoursNon-Reset120V, 50Hz3-1/2"
671B375A26GH-332Total HoursReset240V, 60Hz2-1/2"
291B474A11BH-351Total HoursNon-Reset240V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B375A27GH-332Total HoursReset480V, 60Hz2-1/2"
291B474A12BH-351Total HoursNon-Reset480V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B375A28GH-332Total HoursReset120V, 50Hz2-1/2"
291B474A17BH-351Total HoursReset120V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B375A29GH-332Total MinutesReset120V, 60Hz2-1/2"
291B474A18BH-351Total HoursReset120V, 50Hz3-1/2"
671B375A30GH-332Total MinutesReset240V, 60Hz2-1/2"
291B474A19BH-351Total HoursReset240V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B376A09GH-352Total HoursNon-Reset120V, 60Hz3-1/2"
291B474A20BH-351Total HoursReset480V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B376A10GH-352Total HoursNon-Reset240V, 60Hz3-1/2"
291B927A09BH-351Total MinutesNon-Reset120V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B376A11GH-352Total HoursNon-Reset480V, 60Hz3-1/2"
291B927A21BH-351Total MinutesReset120V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B376A12GH-352Total HoursNon-Reset120V, 50Hz3-1/2"
671B376A13GH-352Total MinutesNon-Reset120V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B376A14GH-352Total MinutesNon-Reset240V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B376A25GH-352Total HoursReset120V, 60Hz3-1/2"
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