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Weschler Elapsed Time Meters


Weschler GH-332, GH-352 & BH-351 elapsed time meters indicate the total time that a particular circuit is energized. They are used for maintenance scheduling of electrical equipment (including diesel generators, motors, welders, and radio and television transmitters) and tube replacement programs. Each consists of a synchronous motor and cyclometer type register. When energized by the circuit being monitored, the motor drives the register (which has six-digit wheels) to indicate up to 99,999.9 hours or minutes as a highly visible numerical strip across the center of the dial. The meters are housed in an attractive molded case with a brushed aluminum front. They are available with or without a reset knob.  Non-reset models are weather resistant.

Type GH352 and BH351 are 3½ inch meters.  Type GH332 houses the same mechanism in a smaller 2½ inch footprint.

Insulation Rating:
2000V rms @ 60Hz for 1 minute.
0-99,999.9 hours or minutes.
Four screws
Net Weight:
1 pound.
Shipping Weight:
2 pounds.

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Item # Model Elapsed Time Type Rating Size
671B375A09GH-332Total HoursNon-Reset120V, 60Hz2-1/2"
671B376A26GH-352Total HoursReset240V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B375A10GH-332Total HoursNon-Reset240V, 60Hz2-1/2"
671B376A27GH-352Total HoursReset480V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B375A11GH-332Total HoursNon-Reset480V, 60Hz2-1/2"
671B376A28GH-352Total HoursReset120V, 50Hz3-1/2"
671B375A12GH-332Total HoursNon-Reset120V, 50Hz2-1/2"
671B376A29GH-352Total MinutesReset120V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B375A13GH-332Total MinutesNon-Reset120V, 60Hz2-1/2"
671B376A30GH-352Total MinutesReset240V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B375A14GH-332Total MinutesNon-Reset240V, 60Hz2-1/2"
291B474A09BH-351Total HoursNon-Reset120V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B375A25GH-332Total HoursReset120V, 60Hz2-1/2"
291B474A10BH-351Total HoursNon-Reset120V, 50Hz3-1/2"
671B375A26GH-332Total HoursReset240V, 60Hz2-1/2"
291B474A11BH-351Total HoursNon-Reset240V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B375A27GH-332Total HoursReset480V, 60Hz2-1/2"
291B474A12BH-351Total HoursNon-Reset480V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B375A28GH-332Total HoursReset120V, 50Hz2-1/2"
291B474A17BH-351Total HoursReset120V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B375A29GH-332Total MinutesReset120V, 60Hz2-1/2"
291B474A18BH-351Total HoursReset120V, 50Hz3-1/2"
671B375A30GH-332Total MinutesReset240V, 60Hz2-1/2"
291B474A19BH-351Total HoursReset240V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B376A09GH-352Total HoursNon-Reset120V, 60Hz3-1/2"
291B474A20BH-351Total HoursReset480V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B376A10GH-352Total HoursNon-Reset240V, 60Hz3-1/2"
291B927A09BH-351Total MinutesNon-Reset120V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B376A11GH-352Total HoursNon-Reset480V, 60Hz3-1/2"
291B927A21BH-351Total MinutesReset120V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B376A12GH-352Total HoursNon-Reset120V, 50Hz3-1/2"
671B376A13GH-352Total MinutesNon-Reset120V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B376A14GH-352Total MinutesNon-Reset240V, 60Hz3-1/2"
671B376A25GH-352Total HoursReset120V, 60Hz3-1/2"
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