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Sifam Digital ANSI/DIN Power Switchboard Meters


These meters fit directly into Standard Switchboard meter cutouts or 1/4 DIN mounting. Alpha + series offers multifunction capabilities, communications, outputs, harmonics, sags, swells, relay outputs, and programmability depending on meter.

  • Multifunction
  • Standard ANSI  Round cutout as Analog meters
  • Fits DIN cutout also
  • Thru hole CT connection
  • Relay, Analog outputs
  • Communication options   RS-485, Ethernet
  • Wide Range Aux Power

Catalog Page 033            Alpha 20A+DS              Alpha 30A+DS

Alpha 40A+DS                 Alpha 50A+DS              Alpha 70A+DS

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Alpha 20+3 line LED Display
Alpha 40A+LCD Energy Measurement Active, Reactive, Apparent
Alpha 30A+3 line LED Display with Annunciators
Alpha 50A+LCD Touch Screen 1ph or 3ph Power and Energy
Alpha 70A+LCD Power Quality Monitor, Touch Screen, Waveform
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