Item #Alpha 30A+, Sifam Digital ANSI/DIN Power Switchboard Meters

Sifam Digital Multifunction Alpha 30A+ 

The Sifam Alpha 30A+ is a compact multifunction instrument which measures important electrical parameters in 3 phase 4 Wire and 3 phase 3 Wire Network & replaces the multiple analog panel meters.

The Alpha 30A+ measures electrical parameters like AC Voltage, AC Current, Frequency, Active, Reative, Apparent Power, Import & Export Energy & many more.  


  • 3 phase V (L-L) / V (L-N)
  • 3 phase Currents
  • Frequency, Power Factor
  • Power (active, reactive, apparent)
  • Energy (active, reactive, apparent)
  • Phase Angle (L1, L2, L3)
  • Run hour, On hour, Number of interruptions
  • KW / KVA (import/export, demand)
  • Phase Reversal indication, Max. Demand
  • % THD measurement for V & I
  • Accuracy: 0.2 class for Energy


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