Item #Alpha 70A+, Sifam Digital ANSI/DIN Power Switchboard Meters

Sifam Digital Multifunction Alpha 70A+ 

The Sifam Alpha 70A+ is a compact multifunction panel mount power quality monitor, which measures , calculates and displays major electrical parameters of three phase power systems. 

The Alpha70A+ measures major electrical parameters of three phase power systems like voltage, current, active/ fundamental reactive, apparent power and energy, individual harmonics, sags and swells. 


  • Measures more than 80 electrical parameters.
  • TRMS measurement up to 56th harmonic
  • Time stamping of Sag / Swell
  • Graphical presentation
  • Energy class 0.5S as per IEC 62053
  • Impulse for energy verification
  • Time of Day
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