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Digital Power Meters

Bargraph Power Meters   

Bargraph Power Meters – Weschler Instruments    

Watt Meters – Weschler Instruments

     •  Use on Single & 3 Phase Systems

     •  Two Switchboard Sizes: 4½ & 8¾"


     •  Two Types:  Hall Effect & Electronic Sensing


     •  Auxiliary Power to 264 VAC / 250 VDC


     •  Rugged Metal Case fits Standard ANSI Cutout

These Weschler BG Series Bargraph Meters are optimized for AC power measurements.  Bargraph meters combine the visual indication of an analog meter with the precision of a digital instrument. The ACP4 models utilize self-contained current transformers (CT) and accurate solid state circuitry to measure both single and poly phase systems.  The ACP3 models combine internal current transformers, potential transformers and hall effect sensing for accurate measurements. 

Both models are housed in a rugged steel case for long life in utility switchboards and other monitoring applications.


 ACP4 Data Sheet (pdf)      Tricolor ACP3 Data Sheet  (pdf)        ACP3 Data Sheet  (pdf)        See more AC Power Meters  


For DC power measurements we offer the Premo Digital Bargraph Meters.  These meters are available in edgewise switchboard, circular switchboard and large edgewise sizes.  The Tiger Digital Panel Meters can be configured to measure DC power, with one, two or three digital displays in various DIN case sizes. 


Premo Digital Bargraph Meters – Weschler Instruments     Tiger Digital Panel Meters – Weschler Instruments  


Premo Data Sheet & Configuration Tool            Tiger Data Sheet & Configuration Tool