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BG Series AC Power Circular Bargraphs – Weschler


Watt, VAR and Power Factor Meters for Single and Three Phase Systems
These Weschler BG Series Circular Bargraphs are optimized for AC power measurements. The ACP4 series Bargraphs utilize self-contained Current Transformers (CT) and accurate solid-state circuitry to measure both single and polyphase systems.

Weschler Bargraphs combine the visual indication of an analog meter with the precision of a digital instrument. Large digits and a wide viewing angle allow operators to easily monitor the signal from a distance. Four case sizes and three versions (standard, and enhanced) offer a broad choice of features and functions.

Weschler BarGraph Watt and Varmeters can replace analog instruments such as the Weschler/Westinghouse KP-241, KP- 261, KV-241 and KV-261.  The BG-241 and BG-261 panel footprint and mounting also match other 4½” and 8½” switchboard meters such as the GE AB40, DB40, AB16 and DB16. Weschler BarGraph instruments are housed in a rugged steel case. They are designed for long life in utility switchboards and other control applications.


  • Bright single color bar
  • High resolution digital display
  • Signal Trend arrows
  • Adjustable setpoints
  • Form C relay outputs
  • Peak and Valley hold
  • Analog retransmit
  • Rugged steel case

Application note: The Weschler ACP4 Power Series BarGraph is a self-contained instrument. No external current transformers, voltage transformers or phase shifters are required to measure up to 240V and 10A. However correct installation is critical. Consult the phaser diagrams to determine the proper configuration and phase orientation for the application, particularly in retrofit situations. Some three-phase analog VAR meters may have been specified as a wattmeter with a VAR scale plate and a 90-degree phase shifter. The ACP4 only supports an external phase shifter in 4-wire systems. For VAR measurements in 3-wire systems, the external phase shifter must be bypassed.

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Weschler BG AC Power (ACP4)
Circular Bargraph Meter
BG Series Circular Bargraph Meters - Weschler
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