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AC Volt / Frequency Dual Function 2492 Series – Weschler


2492 Power Series Plus Digital Switchboard Meters: Model 2492 includes AC Amperes, AC Voltage, and Frequency measuring capabilities, as well as flexible options for Input Rating, Frequency, Analog output and Communication options.

The POWER SERIES PLUS combines a high accuracy digital switchboard meter with up to two transducer outputs which can be configured in the field by an end-user or OEM. The rugged metal case fits standard panel cutouts for switchboard meters and makes the PSP a perfect replacement for analog instruments. The RS-485 communications option allows up to 32 meters to be networked together for remote monitoring and control. In addition, the POWER SERIES PLUS  can be set up and locked out for security via the remote communications option.

Formally manufactured by Yokogawa

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Weschler Power Series Plus (PSP) Digital AC Switchboard Meters

Model 2492 –  AC Volt / Frequency Dual Function – Dual Display


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