Meter Accessories

Meter AccessoriesWeschler offers a variety of accessories for use with bargraph and digital panel meters. In addition to the items listed on each model’s configuration guide, we carry a wide selection of input transducers, sensors & signal conditioners. Choose the input accessory that meets your measurement requirements. Then configure the meter with the matching input type and range.

DC Current Shunts
– Sizes from 1 amp to 10,000 amps.
– 50 or 100 mV output.


Current Transformers
– Window diameters from 1 inch to more than 8 inches.
– Primary from 50 to 5,000 amps.
– 5 amp secondary standard, 1 amp available.
– Burden 1.5 to 200 VA.
– Solid core, split-core or flexible core styles.
– Variety of mountings.

Voltage (Potential) Transformers
– 120V AC ouput.
– Burden to 150 VA.
– Inputs to 600V standard, higher available.

Current Transducers
– Input 2 – 2000 amps full scale.
– DC Output 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20mA.
– Average or TRMS sensing.
– Solid and split-core styles.
– Self-powered, loop-powered or externally powered.

– Output 4-20mA or 0-1mA for easy interface to a meter.
– Input:
DC Volts AC Watts
AC Voltage AC VAR
AC Current Power Factor
AC Line Frequency Phase Angle
– Single-phase 2 or 3 wire, three-phase 3 or 4 wire.

Signal Conditioners
– Wide selection of input types.
– Single or multi-function.
– Fixed or adjustable range.
– DIN rail or plug-in socket mounting.

– Temperature (Thermocouple, RTD, infra-red non-contact)
– Pressure
– Flow
– Level
– Vibration
– Load
– Speed/Rotation
– Position
– Humidity

We also carry meter enclosures for indoor or outdoor use. To speed installation and setup, our Meter Modification Center can install the meters and accessories in the enclosure. Ethernet converters are available to adapt the meter’s RS-232 or RS-485 interface to a computer network. For additional information please visit our meter resources section.

Test Instruments:
Weschler also offers a selection of test equipment to aid meter setup, maintenance and general electrical troubleshooting. Well known brands provide years of reliable operation, including Megger, AEMC, Fluke, Amprobe, Extech, Hioki, Ideal, Simpson and Yokogawa. Multimeters, Clamp Meters, Process Calibrators, Power Analyzers, Insulation Testers, Thermometers, Ground Testers, Battery Testers, Light Meters, Tachometers and Combustion Analyzers are a few of the more popular products.