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Model 2768 is a Precision bridge used for the exact determination of resistance in the 100 mΩ to the 11.1MΩ Range with an accuracy of 0.01 to 0.05%. Since this instrument includes a high-sensitivity transistorized galvanometer and bridge power source, no auxiliary device is required.

2768 Precision Wheatstone Bridge
• Measurement range 0.1Ω to 11.1MΩ
• High precision ±0.01%
• Does not require accessories
• Built-in power source, current detector; external plug
• Highly stable measurement over long periods
• Also functions as a variable resistor

Model 2755 measures resistances from 1 Ω to 10 MΩ by operation of dials and switches. Batteries and a galvanometer are self-contained. The front control panel is provided with power and galvanometer circuit selectors, one ratio arm, and four measuring dials.

Model 2755 is also equipped with a Murray and Varley Loop Tester for convenient location of line faults such as “shorts” and “grounds” in power, telephone, telegraph, and signal cables.

2755-97 Portable Wheatstone Bridge
• Measurement range 1Ω to 10MΩ
• Does not require accessories
• Simple operation
• Current detector with built-in protection circuit
• Compact, light-weight

Model 2752 is a precision laboratory standard Kelvin bridge for measuring resistance below 100ohms to an accuracy of ±0.03 to 0.05%.

This instrument is used not only for high-precision measurement of resistance but also for measurement of electrical conductivity of conductors and calibration of low resistance instruments. It is also designed for testing large-capacity shunts and measuring lead resistance per unit length of bar or wire conductors in combination with accessory.

2752 Precision Double Bridge
• Measurement range 0.1Ω to 111MΩ
• High Precision ±0.03%
• Stable over long periods
• Standard resistor built-in
• Allows testing of cylindrical resistors using clamp device

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YE/2752Precision Wheatstone Bridge0.1Ω to 111MΩ
YE/2768Precision Wheatstone Bridge0.1Ω to 11.1Ω
YE/2755-97Precision Wheatstone Bridge1Ω to 10MΩ
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