Item #YE/2752, Wheatstone Bridges - Yokogawa

Laboratory-grade accuracy ±0.03 to ±0.05%
Quick readout without error
Excellent long-term stability:
The resistance elements are made of selected manganin wire, stabilized by both artificial and natural aging after being wound.
Perfect guard system
Stable measurement:
The dial switches offer low contact resistance and little change due to aging, giving stable operation. Inner/outer contact type plugs are used for changing the multiplication factor, assuring little change in the resistance due to reinsertion of plugs.
Built-in standard resistors
Bar resistor measurement

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Precision Wheatstone Bridge
Measuring Range
0.1Ω to 111MΩ
Measuring Arm
(At Multiplier x1) 100mΩ x 10 + 10mΩ x 10 + 1mΩ x10 + (0.05 to 1.05mΩ)
x 0.001 x 0.01 x 0.1 x 1 x 10 x 100
At resistances potential Leads and current leads less then 10mΩ/wire; ±(0.03Ω of reader +1µΩ)at temperature at 10 to 35°C±2.5°C,±(0.05Ω x multiplier +0.01mΩ)at temperature at 10 to 40°C
Insulation Resistance
More than 100MΩ at 500V DC between the electric circuit and the case
Dielectric Strength
500V AC for one minute between electric circuit and case
Grey metal Case, with plastic feet and carrying handles
Current Rating
30A at x 0.001, 10A at x 0.01, 3A at x 0.1, 0.5A at x 1, 0.15A at x 10, 0.05A at x 100
Optional Accessories
2012 DC Volt-ammeter 2707 electronic galvanometer (rear cover) 2753 Measuring Cords 2754 clamp device. 2791 Slide resistor