Item #606B432A16, Weschler Edgewise Switchboard Meters - Horizontal

The HX-252, HC-252 & HR3-252 edgewise instruments were designed specifically for the nuclear power industry. Their ruggedness and reliability make them an excellent choice for any control panel. They are used for direct measurement of standard electrical quantities, or in combination with transducers for measuring any other electrical or mechanical quantity that can be converted into a proportional electrical quantity.

The H252 Meters exceed the requirements for the 2% class specified in ANSI C39.1, and may be calibrated to 1% initial accuracy. They meet the flammability requirements of IEEE Standard 420-1973 and they have passed the seismic qualification tests under IEEE Standard 344-1987. Transducer-type frequency meters, varmeter, wattmeters and power factor meters are available

Weschler Edgewise Switchboard Meter Specs

HX252 & HC252 modifications available on request: white on black dial, dual scale, special colors, illumination, special calibration and custom ranges.

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DC Milliammeter
0-20 mA
Standard Scale
0-20 DC Milliamperes