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Weschler AC Current Transformers, Window Size < 2"


Weschler Metering Current transformers Model 2 (1.00”-1.13” dia window) and Model 5 (1.56” dia window) for use with ammeters, wattmeters, and cross current compensation.

  • Models 2SFT, 2SHT, 2RL, 2DRL: 50 to 300 Amps with 5A output.
  • Models 5SFT, 5SHT, 5RBT, 5RL, 5RBL: 50 to 1200 Amps with 5A output.


  • Solid Core
  • 0.6kV Insulation Class, BIL 10kV Full Wave
  • 50-400 Hz
  • 8-32 Studs or 24″ Leads
  • UL Recognized (US/Canada)

Wec Transformers
T suffix = terminals, L suffix = leads

Weschler AC Current Transformer

Catalog Page 093            Series 2 Datasheet              Series 5 Datasheet

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