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Type B – 300 Through 1000 Amp DC Shunts – Empro


Available in ratings from 300 through 1200 amps in either 50mV or 100mV output. Similar to the Type A, only larger and can handle more current. Can be used in a busbar or cable application

  • 300 to 1200 DC Amperes.
  • Accuracy: 1/4%
  • Recommended continuous operation: <2/3 rated current

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Item # Amp Type Length (in) Width (in)
B-300-5030050 mV5.8751.75
B-400-5040050 mV5.8752
B-500-5050050 mV5.8752
B-600-5060050 mV5.8752
B-750-5075050 mV5.8752.25
B-800-5080050 mV5.8752.375
B-1000-50100050 mV5.8752.5
B-1200-50120050 mV5.8753
B-400-100400100 mV7.752
B-300-100300100 mV7.751.75
B-500-100500100 mV7.752
B-600-100600100 mV7.752
B-750-100750100 mV7.752.25
B-800-100800100 mV7.752.375
B-1000-1001000100 mV7.752.5
B-1200-1001200100 mV7.753
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