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Power Transducers – APT-TH Series – NK Technologies


NK Technologies APT-TH series, Three-hole Power Transducer: The APT-TH Series Power Transducers monitor watt consumption of three-phase loads. They provide an analog signal proportional to the active power consumed by the monitored load. The three current-carrying conductors pass through the three windows of the top section and the matching voltage input at the terminals.

The APT-TH is a one piece solution for measuring power; no external current transformers are needed and installation is easy. The design of the APT-TH ensures that the monitor is always correctly orientated. If connected improperly by mismatching the current and voltage inputs, or placing a conductor through the sensing window back to front rather than front to back, the LED will change color from green to amber. The LED will also turn amber if the phase A conductor is placed through the phase B sensing window, or if power factor is lower than 0.50

  • One-piece construction, no external current transformers
  • DIN rail or panel mounted
  • LED Indicator for correct phase relationship match
  • Three ample sensing windows
  • UL, cUL and CE compliant


  • Pump Monitoring
  • Grinding and Milling
  • Equipment Monitoring


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