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KEP Proximity Sensors


The Kessler Ellis (KEP) D Series Proximity Sensors comes in three sizes, all in an easy-to-mount threaded housing. Both NPN (sinking) and PNP (sourcing) types are available. These sensors detect any conductive metal surface within range of their sensing coils. They do not require a magnetic target. The D series can be used with ratemeters and counters, such as the KEP Minitrol MR2 and KEP KAL-D. An LED indicator lights during activation.

  • Non-contact sensing of any metal
  • N.O. switch contact
  • Small size, low cost
  • No magnet needed
  • Low power consumption
  • Shock resistant
  • Hole or bulkhead mounting


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D08N8mm NPN (sink) Proximity Sensor
D12N12mm NPN (sink) Proximity Sensor
D18N18mm NPN (sink) Proximity Sensor
D08P8mm PNP (source) Proximity Sensor
D12P12mm PNP (source) Proximity Sensor
D18P18mm PNP (source) Proximity Sensor
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