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KEP Photoelectric Sensor


Kessler Ellis (KEP) PD Series Photoelectric Sensors: The PD Series photoelectric sensors offer superior optical performance in a miniature 18 mm package. Designed specifically for a wide variety of applications, including food processing, packaging, and materials handling. Their miniature size makes it easy to design into any system.

• Non-contact sensing
• Small size, low cost
• Various sensing types
• Low power consumption
• Shock resistant
• Hole or bulkhead mounting

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PDF00Fiber Optic Photo Detector6 inches
PDRP15Polarized Visible Beam Photo Detector, Reflex15 ft
PDR25Visible Beam Photo Detector, Reflex25 ft
PDPS08Short Range Photo Detector, Diffused Proximity8 inches
PDP02Visible Beam Sensi Detector, Diffused Proximity2 inches
PDD25Wide-Angle Thru-Beam Photo Detector25 ft
PDS25Wide-Angle Thru-Beam Photo Source25 ft
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