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Texmate TF transducers convert AC line frequency signals to a DC value for easy readout or input to a SCADA system. Use TF transducers with 50 or 60 Hz inputs from 2-30V or 80-600V. Both average and TRMS sensing models are available. TRMS sensing is recommended for input signals with distortion.

Two case styles provide mounting flexibility. The metal case versions with screw flanges easily attach to a plate or panel, Two plastic case sizes mount on a 35mm DIN rail. All Texmate transducers offer 2kV isolation and high immunity to external noise. Standard accuracy is ±0.2%, with ±0.1% also available. In addition to the standard input/output ranges shown below, custom ranges can be special ordered.

  •  Average or TRMS sensing
  •  Direct connect from 2V to 600V
  •  ±0.2% or ±0.1% accuracy
  •  Panel or DIN rail mounting

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