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DLRO100 Series Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters – Megger


The Megger Ducter™ DLRO100 enables low resistance measurement, across multiple applications, in areas without access to mains power. The integral Li-ion battery supplies a constant 100 A current for up to 200 automatic or manual tests enhancing productivity in remote locations.

With a focus on user safety, advanced design features ensure the safe operation of the instrument in the most adverse conditions, including a CAT IV 600 V safety rating in accordance with IEC61010. A DualGround feature is available on the DLRO100X and DLRO100H, which adds to the operators’ safety by grounding both sides of the breaker under test.

  • DLRO100 E or EB – The base model.
  • DLRO100 X or XB – The mid-range model includes all features in the basic model, with added data storage and DualGround™ testing capability.
  • DLRO100 H or HB – The top-of-the-line model includes features in the E and X models, with asset tagging (enter unique asset ID’s using the asset Tag Windows app), Bluetooth® download and USB remote operation.


  • CAT IV 600 VAC / 500 VDC for safe operation
  • Lightweight 100 A battery powered unit for portability
  • High noise immunity for stable readings
  • Smooth DC Output for circuit breaker testing
  • IP54 for protection against dust and moisture while testing
  • Save, download and delete results (100X/H variants)
  • Remote operation, Bluetooth® & asset/result tagging (100H variants)
Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters Specs Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters Case

DLRO100 Datasheet

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DLRO100X-LG2-P31004-899Advanced kit with data loggingAC Only
DLRO100XB-LG2-P31004-919Advanced kit with data loggingAC and Battery
DLRO100H-LG2-P31004-939Remote with Bluetooth, data loggingAC Only
DLRO100HB-LG2-P31004-959Remote with Bluetooth, data loggingAC and Battery
DLRO100E-LG2-P31004-858Basic kitAC Only
DLRO100EB-LG2-P31004-879Basic kitAC and Battery
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