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ATPR E-OUT Series – AC Current Transducers – NK Technologies


ATPR Series AC Current Transducers produce a 0–5 or 0–10 VDC RMS output on distorted waveforms found in the output of variable frequency drives, phase angle fired heating controls and on linear loads in “noisy” power environments. The ATPR Series AC Current Transducers are available in split-core housing only.


  • VFD Controlled Loads
  • SCR Controlled Loads
  • Switching Power Supplies and Electronic Ballasts
ATPR Series AC Current Transducers Specs

Catalog Page 099      APTR-E-Out Datasheet         ATPR-E-Out-Instructions

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Item # Full Scale Output Type Power Supply Case Style Price
ATPR0-005-24D-SP2, 5 A0-5 VDC24 VDCSplit-Core$251.00
ATPR0-010-24D-SP2, 5 A0-10 VDC24 VDCSplit-Core$251.00
ATPR1-005-24D-SP10, 20, 50 A0-5 VDC24 VDCSplit-Core$251.00
ATPR1-010-24D-SP10, 20, 50 A0-10 VDC24 VDCSplit-Core$251.00
ATPR2-005-24D-SP100, 150, 200 A0-5 VDC24 VDCSplit-Core$251.00
ATPR2-010-24D-SP100, 150, 200 A0-10 VDC24 VDCSplit-Core$251.00
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