AEMC Simple Logger® II Data Loggers (1 and 2 Channel)


  • Compact size, battery operated
  • Easily installed, operational in seconds
  • TRMS measurement for accuracy on distorted waveforms
  • Programmable alarm setpoints & triggers
  • 5 LED indicators display logger status
  • Choice of data storage modes
  • Stores >240k measurements in non-volatile memory
  • DataView software displays & analyzes real-time data on a PC

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AE/2126.01Simple Logger ® II Model CL601 (Clamp-On, TRMS Current, 0 to 600A, 1.65" jaw opening)$525.00
AE/2126.37Simple Logger® II Model ML912 (TRMS Current, 0.5 to 1000A, 2 channel)$729.00
AE/2126.08Simple Logger ® II Model L642 (Thermocouple Temperature)$489.00
AE/2126.35Simple Logger ® II Model L562 (TRMS Voltage & Current)$439.00
AE/2126.05Simple Logger ® II Model L261 (TRMS, 0 to 600VAC/DC, 1 channel)$425.00
AE/2126.02Simple Logger ® II Model L101 (TRMS, 0 to 1VAC, 1 channel)$389.00
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