Item #AE/2126.35, AEMC Simple Logger® II Data Loggers (1 and 2 Channel)

  • Compact size, battery operated
  • Easily installed, operational in seconds
  • TRMS measurement for accuracy on distorted waveforms
  • Programmable alarm setpoints & triggers
  • 5 LED indicators display logger status
  • Choice of data storage modes
  • Stores >240k measurements in non-volatile memory
  • DataView software displays & analyzes real-time data on a PC

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AE/2126.35, AEMC Simple Logger® II Data Loggers (1 and 2 Channel) $439.00


Item Name
Simple Logger ® II Model L562 (TRMS Voltage & Current)
Two (Current Channel & Voltage Channel)
Input Connection
Current Channel: BNC Voltage Channel: Banana jacks
Input Range
Current Channel: 0 to 1VAC (use current probes with a voltage output) Voltage Channel: 0 to 600VAC/DC
Current Channel: 0.1V Voltage Channel: 0.1mA
Accuracy at 60 Hz
Current Channel: 10-50mV: ±0.5% of Rdg ±1mV / 50-1000mV: ±0.5% of Rdg ±0.5mV Voltage Channel: 5-50V: ±0.5% of Rdg ±1V / 50-600V: ±0.5% of Rdg ±0.5V
Measurement Input
Current Channel: 5Vrms (±7.07V pk-pk max) Voltage Channel: 1000V
Sample Rate
64 Samples/cycle
Storage Rate
Programmable from 125ms to 1 day
CAT III Rating
240,000 Measurements (512KB)
Recording Length
15 minutes to 8 weeks, programmable using DataView®
Storage Modes
Start/Stop, FIFO and Extended Recording Mode (XRM™)
USB 2.0 optically isolated
2x1.5V AA-cell alkaline batteries
Battery Life
100 hrs to >45 days, depending on storage rate
Dimensions (in)
5.38 x 2.75 x 1.28
Dimensions (mm)
136 x 70 x 32
Operating Temperature
-10 to 50 ºC