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7000 Series Analog Panel Meters – LFE


The LFE 7000 Series meters provide quick-change versatility. Many different variables can be measured on one meter by simply switching the meter’s scale and using a different multiplier or shunt compatible with the new scale. A few basic ranges and a supply of interchangeable dials make the 7000 Series an inexpensive equivalent of many single meters. Models include: 7025 (2½”), 7035 (3½”), 7045 (4½”), 7055 (5½”)

  • UL Recognition
  • Removable Scales
  • Taut Band Mechanism standard
  • Phenolic Fronts
  • Glass Windows
  • Three choices of mounting: lens, surface or bezel
  • Proven reliability – accurate measurement & display
  • Wide selection of Ranges
  • Optional illumination
  • Customized Scales available
  • Replacements for popular styles and sizes
LFE 7000 specs

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