Item #UT55A-132-10-00, UT55A Controller - Yokogawa

The Yokogawa UT55A is a 1/4 DIN advanced digital indicating controller that balances ease-of-use with the power to handle the most challenging applications. These controllers offer greatly improved measurement, display, operation, control, and networking functions that enhance the efficiency of user design and save money by eliminating the need for peripheral devices and associated wiring.

The UT55A employs a 14-segment color LCD display which is easier to read than conventional displays, along with new guidance screens and navigation keys that aid programming and help prevent operator errors. An Active color feature allows users to see the status of a process at a glance. The controller menus and layout are adjusted in accordance with the level (EASY, STD, PRO) of information required by the user. If simple temperature or level control is needed, then select the easy configuration. For sophisticated applications, select the PRO setting and make use of the additional functionality shown in this mode.

Applications include the measurement, display, and control of temperature, pressure, and flow rate in research, development and manufacturing operations such as heat treatment, washing and sterilizing processes.

  • Advanced Control
    8 built-in control functions and algorithms
    Ladder sequence control
    Fuzzy logic control

Optional suffix codes

/DR Additional direct input (TC & 3-wire/4-wire RTD) and current to Remote (1 additional aux. analog, 1 DI to be deleted)

/LP 24 V DC loop power supply

/HA Heater break alarm

/DC Power supply 24 V AC/DC

/CT Coating


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Position proportional type
Extra Functions
5 additional Dls & 15 additional DOs
Network Options
Light Gray