Item #SQ94-V08XXNXWAW0ST, Synchroscopes - Sifam Tinsley

The Sifam Tinsley SQ94 Synchroscope provides an illuminated indication of frequency difference and phase difference between two AC systems. When two alternators are paralleled, it is necessary that the frequency must be equal and the phase must also match. .

The SQ94 indicates the phase & frequency difference between the BUS Voltage (reference voltage) & the GENERATOR Voltage (incoming voltage). It denotes the actual frequency difference corresponding to the inverse of time taken for one rotation of the illuminated vector spot. The rotation of the vector spot is with reference to the bus voltage. If the vector spot LED turns clockwise, it indicates the GENERATOR frequency is greater than the BUS frequency. This means the speed of the generator must be reduced by the operator. If the spot LED turns anticlockwise, the GENERATOR frequency is less than BUS frequency. In this case speed of the generator must be increased. When the Frequency matches, but the Phase does not, one red LED will illuminate, corresponding to the phase difference.

  • Rotating LEDs indicate frequency difference between generator & bus voltages.
  • Static red LED indicates phase difference between the two systems.
  • Green SYNC LEDs indicate frequency & phase match.

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