Item #L40-FS-S1A2, Laurel Universal Input Digital Meter - L40 series

The Laurel L40 Universal Input Digital Meter has 65 user-selectable analog input signal types and ranges. These include DC voltage and current, AC RMS voltage and current, process signals (4-20 mA, 0-10V), thermocouple (10 types, °C or °F), RTD (6 types, °C or °F), thermistors (NTC or PTC), resistance (0-5k or 0-50k ohms), and potentiometer inputs. The same meter handles all signal types with no need for a plug-in signal conditioner board.

  •  Universal input: DC V/A, AC RMS V/A, process, temperature, resistance, potentiometer
  •  65 user selectable function/range combinations
  •  18-265V AC/DC power
  •  0.2% basic DC accuracy
  •  Relay & analog output options
  •  RS-485 Modbus option


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L40-FS-S1A2, Laurel Universal Input Digital Meter - L40 series $235.00


Low cost DPM with isolated RS485 Modbus output, 1 form C relay & custom setup