Item #ATS-420-SDT-24D-DL, AC Current Transducer / Switch ATS Series - NK Technologies

NK Technologies ATS AC Current Transducer/Switch

The new ATS Series is specifically designed to protect loads with current levels up to 1200A. This patent pending, one-piece solution combines a limit alarm (switch) with an analog output signal transducer. Combining limit alarm with analog output signal transducer, ATS Series monitors produced or consumed AC current up to 1,200 A, while magnetically isolating outputs and inputs to maximize safety. Rotary switch enables user to set trip point, while DIN rail mounting facilitates installation and provides secure mount that is resistant to conductor movement.

The large sensing window provides complete isolation between the primary circuit and the controls. The ATS eliminates the need to use a screwdriver inside an energized control panel to manually adjust the sensor. Helps with NFPA70E compliance

With the ATS series users can monitor air handling blowers, pumps, crushers and many other large loads with a single self-contained current switch, and the built-in analog signal helps users identify bearing wear and other mechanical problems before they result in unplanned and costly downtime.


  • Patented rotary switch setpoint selection (patent pending).
  • Output is magnetically isolated from the input for safety.
  • Analog signal powered from the sensor; no loop powered required.
  • 4-20mA signal proportional to 0-1200 AC Amps.
  • Single Pole Double Throw Relay changes state with power to sensor.
  • LED indication if power is removed from the sensor or primary current exceeds adjustable trip point.
  • Integral DIN rail mount with spring loaded mounting clips.



  • The ATS eliminates the need to connect multiple components to monitor high current loads. It can be used to directly monitor AC motor loads to 500 horsepower.
  • Monitor air handling blowers, pumps, crushers and many other large loads with one self-contained current switch (limit alarm) while also using the built in analog signal to spot bearing wear and other issues before they cause a break down. As a tool in your preventive maintenance tool kit, the ATS is incomparable.


ATS-420-SDT-24D-DL, AC Current Transducer / Switch ATS Series - NK Technologies

Price: $734.00


Output Signal
4-20 mADC
Power Supply
24 VDC
Case Style
Solid-core, DIN rail mount