Item #606B591A10, Weschler 20/20 Analog Panel Meters - DC Voltage & Current

20/20 instruments GX-332, GX-352 & GX-372 have neat, clean lines that harmonize with highly styled electronic components. They can be properly applied to equipment ranging from a spectrometer to a unit of power switchgear.


GX332, GX352 & GX372 instruments were designed for maximum readability from a distance. The lance-design pointer in conjunction with the bold dial markings makes this instrument the most easily read in its field.


The 20/20 instrument case is made of black Lexan plastic, dimensioned to meet the industry standards for Custom Styled Panel Instruments as defined by ANSI C39.1.

The snap-on cover is made up of a high-grade Lexan plastic which will remain crystal clear in appearance. It is treated with Weschler Anti-Static Agent to keep it dust-free, and to ensure continued freedom from electrostatic effects. The side edges of the cover are also of clear plastic, allowing light to enter from any angle.

  • 2 ½”, 3 ½” & 4 ½” Sizes
  • 100º Scale
  • 2% Accuracy Class
  • Special scales and calibration.
  • Customer identification or trade names.
  • Mirror dials and knife-edge pointers.
  • Colored zones.
  • Special legends.
  • Center zero.
  • Suppressed zero.

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DC Milliammeter
1.5 mA
Standard Scale
0-1.5 DC Milliamperes
Case Size