Item #6045MR-L0CA-100MVDC, 4.5" DC Analog Meter Relay - Model 6045MR - Hoyt

The Hoyt Model 6045MR 4.5″ DC Analog Meter Relay has a wide variety of control, alarm and limit uses. The stable optical switching circuit is less susceptible to interference than electronic detectors. The adjustable 0-2 or 0-20 second time delay further reduces false trips.  Single high limit and dual high/low limit versions are available. Each 5 amp 120/220V double pole, double throw relay contact allows direct control of line voltage devices.

The 6045MR is an economical replacement for 3.5” and 4.5” meter relays manufactured by Beede (MR2, MR4 series), Simpson  (3324, 3344 series), LFE (196 series) and Crompton (239 series).


  • Self-shielding Taut Band Movement
  • Low Depth – 4.5” max
  • Front Panel Limit Adjustments & LED Status Indicators
  • Infrared LED/Photo Transistor
  • Isolated Input Signal
  • 0-2 or 0-20 Second Time Delay
  • 5A 120/220V Relay Contact, Double Pole-Double Throw
  • Dial Customization: Multi-color, Gradient Color, Photos, Logos
  • Made in USA


  • Liquid level control
  • Load shedding
  • Power factor correction
  • High & Low alarms
  • Shutdown
  • Frequency monitoring
  • Temperature indication and control


6045MR Meter Relay

Hoyt 6045MR-6046MR Meter Relays Datasheet

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Time Delay
0-2 Sec
Manual N.C.
Aux Power
100 mVDC