Item #190-4-001, Weschler Wound Primary Current Transformers

Model 190X and 20X are auxiliary transformers for use in the secondary of main current transformers to change the ratio for metering applications. Since they are used in the secondary of another current transformer it has no voltage rating. It is given a 2,500 volt 60 Hz high potential test. It is designed to be used on circuits not to exceed 600 volts to ground or between windings.

Model 189 is a low ratio wound primary current transformer, suitable for primary current up to 100 amperes.. Primary terminals for the Model 189 for ratios of 30:5 and below are No. 10-32 brass screws, for ratios 40:5 and above, 3/8-16 brass studs

  • Frequency: 50 – 400HZ
  • Insulation Level: 0.6kV, BIL 10kV full wave
  • Secondary terminals are brass studs No. 8-32
  • UR approved


See item detail for ratings at B0.2 & B0.9 Metering Classes.


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Current Ratio
VA at 1% Class
B0.1 Metering Class, 60Hz
B0.2 Metering Class, 60 Hz
B0.5 Metering Class, 60Hz
B0.9 Metering Class, 60Hz
B1.8 Metering Class, 60Hz