Item #078-05GJ-PZSM-C6, AC Voltmeters (Switchboard) - Crompton

High quality range of switchboard instruments with Class 1 accuracy and which complies with American ANSI-C39.1 specifications. Available in 4½” case size, the rugged design characteristics meet the needs of the most demanding environmental applications. This extensive range of analog and digital/analog meters utilizes high shock and provides 1% accuracy for all RMS AC and DC ranges. The range offers various customized options and features.

Mounting is by four integral studs. Scales are 240° moving iron and 250° moving coil with parallax error-free platform dials. Standard dials are white matte with black printed scales and bar knife-edge pointers

Crompton Switchboard Meters offers two case types; models 007 and 078

  • Model 007 is a one piece flame retardant polycarbonate moulding with a black matte finished bezel area, and a specially contoured window to minimize reflection from adjacent light sources.
  • Model 078 is high shock hermetically sealed and all models have heavy gauge pressed steel cases.They have a die-cast bezel and a projecting moulded toughened glass window, which incorporates a gas tight zero adjuster.


  • 250° Linear Scale
  • AC Instruments with True RMS Circuit
  • Rugged Pivot & Jewel Movement
  • IP54 Front
  • c-UL-us & CE Certification
  • Optional Terminal Cover (007 Case)
Crompton SWBD Specs

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RMS Reading Transformer Rated
Rating (V)
0-750 V
4 1/2 Square Flange Hi-Shock Case