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Yokogawa 510 Series Digital LUX Meters


The Yokogawa 510 series digital illuminance meters are a small, lightweight meter and enable illuminance measurements with the meter separated from the light detector. The display adopts a large liquid crystal display (LCD) for ease in reading, and attention is also paid to operation key arrangement. The photoelectric element adopts a silicon photodiode for correcting the spectral luminous efficiency by combining with an optical filter in order to measure the illuminance of natural light.

There is a microcomputer incorporated in this meter to realize an illuminance meter having excellent functions. There are also various functions incorporated in this meter, not found in conventional meters: a data-hold function; a timer-hold function; deviation display; an automatic power-off function; a response selection function; and others. Refer to the text for details on these respective functions. Moreover, this illuminance meter provides recorder output and digital data output, further extending its usefulness. Thus, the range of applications of this meter is much more extensive than that of existing lux meters (illuminance meters).

Model 51011 & 51012 Digital Light Meters

  • Measure to 999,000 lux
  • Wide measurement range, high accuracy
  • Spectral response characteristics for visible range
  • Good oblique incident light characteristics
  • Recorder output & USB digital output

 Model 51021 has all the features of the 51012 plus:

  • Color correction coefficient setting
  • Light source brightness measurement
  • Mean brightness calculation
Digital LUX Meters Specs

Catalog Page 171a                    510 Datasheet

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