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West Temperature Controllers


The CAL temperature controllers are designed to be easy-to-use and reliable within the most demanding process and manufacturing applications.

Designed for industrial or scientific applications they have an impact resistant smoked fascia with rubberized buttons with positive feedback. PID tuning is simple and efficient while the unique DAC function minimizes overshoot.

  • 1/32 & 1/16 DIN sizes
  • Thermocouple, Pt100 & mV input
  • Simple menu setup
  • Relay & SS drive outputs
  • Single ramp/soak (dwell) program
  • Heat/cool operation
    Auto-tuning PID
  • RS-232 or RS-485 Modbus option
  • CE, UL, cUL, CSA & FM
Temperature Controller Specs

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Item # Size Output Power Communication
CAL9311004001/16 DINRelay/Relay100-240V ACRS-485
CAL9400000001/16 DIN Dual DisplaySSD/Relay100-240V ACNone
CAL9422000001/16 DIN Dual DisplaySSD/SSD100-240V ACNone
CAL9411000001/16 DIN Dual DisplayRelay/Relay100-240V ACNone
CAL9400002001/16 DIN Dual DisplaySSD/Relay100-240V ACRS-232
CAL9422002001/16 DIN Dual DisplaySSD/SSD100-240V ACRS-232
CAL9411002001/16 DIN Dual DisplayRelay/Relay100-240V ACRS-232
CAL9400004001/16 DIN Dual DisplaySSD/Relay100-240V ACRS-485
CAL9422004001/16 DIN Dual DisplaySSD/SSD100-240V ACRS-485
CAL9411004001/16 DIN Dual DisplayRelay/Relay100-240V ACRS-485
CAL9300000001/16 DINSSD/Relay100-240V ACNone
CAL9322000001/16 DINSSD/SSD100-240V ACNone
CAL9311000001/16 DINRelay/Relay100-240V ACNone
CAL9300002001/16 DINSSD/Relay100-240V ACRS-232
CAL9322002001/16 DINSSD/SSD100-240V ACRS-232
CAL9311002001/16 DINRelay/Relay100-240V ACRS-232
CAL9300004001/16 DINSSD/Relay100-240V ACRS-485
CAL9322004001/16 DINSSD/SSD100-240V ACRS-485
CAL9300000301/16 DINSSD/Relay12-24V AC/DCNone
CAL9322000301/16 DINSSD/SSD12-24V AC/DCNone
CAL9300002301/16 DINSSD/Relay12-24V AC/DCRS-232
CAL9322002301/16 DINSSD/SSD12-24V AC/DCRS-232
CAL9300004301/16 DINSSD/Relay12-24V AC/DCRS-485
CAL9322004301/16 DINSSD/SSD12-24V AC/DCRS-485
CAL3322002001/32 DINSSD/SSD100-240V ACRS-232
CAL3311002001/32 DINRelay/Relay100-240V ACRS-232
CAL3300004001/32 DINSSD/Relay100-240V ACRS-485
CAL3322004001/32 DINSSD/SSD100-240V ACRS-485
CAL3311004001/32 DINRelay/Relay100-240V ACRS-485
CAL3300000301/32 DINSSD/Relay12-24V AC/DCNone
CAL3322000301/32 DINSSD/SSD12-24V AC/DCNone
CAL3300002301/32 DINSSD/Relay12-24V AC/DCRS-232
CAL3322002301/32 DINSSD/SSD12-24V AC/DCRS-232
CAL3300004301/32 DINSSD/Relay12-24V AC/DCRS-485
CAL3322004301/32 DINSSD/SSD12-24V AC/DCRS-485
CAL3300002001/32 DINSSD/Relay100-240V ACRS-232
CAL3311000001/32 DINRelay/Relay100-240V ACNone
CAL3322000001/32 DINSSD/SSD100-240V ACNone
CAL3300000001/32 DINSSD/Relay100-240V ACNone
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